-Their turn, to build their toys.-

Star Wars Figurines

After so many years building, sewing, painting, carving, tinkling toys and games for my children, they now do it themselves! The rule under our roof is; -start with what you have-. Having enough bits of timber in the shed, my son (11) decided to cut out some lightsabers for himself, his sister and his friends! I let you imagine the number of sabre fight we had at our house, at the park, in the bush, at the beach… in only a few weeks.

I love to see him draw and cut the shapes and drilling for the ”light blade”. My suggestion of carving each handle and sanding them till it’s cylindrical didn’t have much success…so here it is, raw and already well used:


Light sabre Star wars

Wood work Children

Wooden Light Saber Star Wars

“May the force be with you.” ūüėČ


Circus Party -Part 3-

For this last part of the Circus party posts, let’s play with some good old games:

“Le Chamboultou” (with some pompoms and goggle eyes):

chamboule tout

The spy cage:

spy cage

The photo booth (clowning around highly encouraged):

Photo booth


The Rings of Fire:

Rings of fire

Spinning some crayons on a potter’s wheel: (that was the¬†biggest hit among the little guests!)

Color Spinning

And the Grand Final: Skate Boarding to go thought a bridge of cardboard boxes!…that was really fun!

circus skateAnd here is the very tired dad-clown at the end:


(Note to self: 1/-take a picture of the cake before eating it. 2/-packing away is the easy part – do not complain for messy rooms anymore.)

Enjoy your day, and thanks to Pinterest for a few ideas!

Circus Party -Part2-

Let’s play with a bit of decorations for the party:

Ballons de couleurs

Sign Circus WarningClown cut out

Circus party

Animal Cirus deco

And next week, the lawn games will make the show!

Old Time Game: The Thaumatrope

Thaumatrope Kangaroo

After reading a book about optical illusions, we made a Thaumatrope with a kangaroo wearing boots and a top hat. And who wants¬†a bit of wikipedia to start the day? ūüėČ

“A Thaumatrope¬†is a toy that was popular in the 19th century. A disk with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to blend into one.”

thaumatrope If you want to make the same one, here is the PDF to print: (you will then need to attach a loop of string (40cm )to each side and twist them before pulling them appart.) Thaumatrope Paris-Bourke¬†<- Click to see PDF I couldn’t make the video go faster to be able to see the illusion on screen, but you will get the idea:

– La cabane amovible – The renter’s cubby house –

We had a few plank of timber in the shed sitting there waiting to be used. So we used the drill, the saw and sanded them to make material for a very special cubby house. You can built it in different shapes and pack it away for easy storage. If you want to make one, don’t use any timber (as us…) the better the material, the better looking and the more solid it will be. But don’t forget it has to be light for the children to build it themselves.

Avec des planches de pin qui tra√ģnaient dans le garage, nous avons sci√©, perc√© et ponc√© pour fabriquer une cabane amovible. Bon si vous souhaitez en faire une, utilisez un bois de qualit√© (pas comme nous…) mais n’oubliez pas d’en prendre un l√©ger pour que les enfants construisent leur cabane eux-m√™mes.
Hand Drilling Hand Drilling Hand Drilling

plank 2


Work in progress:

cabane amovible

Building time:

cabane amovible

cabane amovible cabane amovible runPlay time! Have a good day and a Very Good New Year!

Bonne Année 2015!

Le Jeu de l’Australie, The Map Game -Australia-

That’s it, the game is in the shop! We made a little video with the children to show you what we have been working on:

A force d’y travailler le voici enfin dans la boutique!Nous avons fait une petite video, avec les enfants, ¬†pour vous le pr√©senter:

The Map Game Australia.

So, do you think the children still have a french accent?

Alors, les enfants ont-ils toujours un petit accent français?

On your marks, set paper ball, fire!

rubber band canon

La d√©couverte du site internet -Royal Institution- nous inspire tellement sur les activit√©s du moment, qu’il faut absolument qu’on partage ce lien:¬†http://rigb.org/experimental/rubber-band-cannons

Nous avons fabriqué des cannons à élastiques très simple et parfait pour jouer au chamboule-tout.

We just discovered a great website from the Royal Institution of Great Britain. We’ve made their Rubber band cannons and had so much fun. Here is the link:¬†http://rigb.org/experimental/rubber-band-cannons



-Puzzle Magnet-

Un petit project facile √† faire avec les enfants: mettre des aimants derriere des puzzles,¬†des cartes ou des lettres en bois. (il faut juste trouver des feuilles d’aimant souples et adh√©sives)

An easy project to do with the children: glue magnets behind puzzles or wooden letters.

Magnet making

Wooden Magnet




De quoi d√©corer (ou cacher) le r√©frig√©rateur…

Good to decorate (or hide) the fridge…;-)

Let it go.

We are letting the last colours of Autumn go…

Nous laissons partir les derni√®res couleurs de l’automne…


Painted Helicopter Seeds, Landing Video:


Like Magic!


In our house, when you lose a baby tooth, the tiny french mouse (or tooth fairy) comes and a little crystal is left behind. Now that the collection is growing quite quickly, we decided to ”build”our own crystals! (thanks to my friend and the website Scope for the idea.)

Chez nous, quand la petite souris passe, elle laisse derri√®re elle une petite pierre semi-precieuse. Maintenant que la collection est d√©j√† bien grande, nous avons d√©cid√© de “fabriquer” nos propres cristaux! (Merci √† mon amie et au site web Scope pour la bonne id√©e.)

You will need: Hot Water, Borax, Pipe Cleaners, 1 plastic container, 1 wooden spoon and some string. (and 24h of patience.)

Vous avez besoin de: Borax, Eau chaude, 1 pot en plastique, 1 cuillère en bois et de la ficelle.(et 24h de patience.)


-Une tasse d’eau pour 3 cuill√®res √† soupe de Borax-

-One cup of water for 3 large spoons of Borax-

IMG_1001Laisser suspendre les formes de chenille dans la solution et attendre le lendemain.

Let the pipe cleaner hang in the liquid and wait for tomorrow.

IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038Et voilà!


-All I want is Pizza-

Pizza Play

Pizza: This is what my daughter wants to make for dinner every single night‚Ķwell, let me tell you, she is disappointed most of the time. (6 days out of 7 more exactly.) It took me a long time to find a solution to her frustration, but one day I opened my scrap of felt box and gave it to her with just one sentence:”maybe you can make a pizza for your doll with that?” Off she went in her bedroom while I could cook something else.

30 minutes later, here is what she made: a pizza Margarita with ham, cheese, thyme, sesame seeds and mozzarella. It looked as beautiful as her smile!

Pizza:Voici le menu que ma fille veut cuisiner chaque soir‚Ķlaissez moi vous dire qu’elle est d√©√ßue la plupart du temps. J’ai mis du temps a trouver une solution √† sa frustration: l’autre jour j’ai ouvert ma boite √† coupons de feutrine, le lui ai donn√© en lui proposant de fabriquer une pizza pour sa poup√©e pendant la¬†pr√©paration du d√ģner.

Une demi-heure plus tard, voici le¬†r√©sultat: une pizza Margarita avec du jambon, du fromage, du thym, des graines de s√©same et de la mozzarelle. C’√©tait aussi beau que son sourire!

from this:IMG_0718

to this:

pizza felt

felt Pizza

Now we have a lot of felted sesame seed and thyme around the house but hey that’s worth it!

Bon la v√©rit√© c’est que nous avons plein de graines de s√©same e de thym en feutrine un peu partout dans la maison mais bon, √ßa vaut le coup!

-With them or not with them ?-

The other day, a lady at the park was complaining about the holidays and how she found it difficult to entertain her children, asking about ideas. Well, you know, I might have one or two activities for you, but the best for us is to do the thing that we want and let the children join in, and yes, it will get messy. But even with the cleaning, they will help! Yes, it will take you about 2 hours to make that tart, but you wanted to keep them busy no? ūüėČ

Mes chères lectrices francophones, voulez-vous que je continue à traduire en français ?

Les mains dans la farineLa confiture de fraisesLes mains dans la vaisselle

But last night, while the children were asleep, I made a cake‚Ķalone‚Ķ. just by myself…without helpers around‚Ķ.without questions to answer…just with my music, calm and absolutely no flour or sugar on the floor! Oh that was so fast! Dear Sanity, I love you!


-The Pink and Red this time-

Maintenant mes deux enfants peuvent s’envoler en m√™me temps, avec cette paire d’ailes rose et rouge.

Now my children will be able to fly at the same time with those pink and red wings.

I need to replace my camera and I will show you both of them at the same time, maybe flying over the ocean.;-)



-Let’s them fly-

Hello world, I know this blog has been on a slow motion mode for quite a while, but I have a big project going on and I am trying to enjoy every step of it!

It does not mean that I am not doing anything else…the sewing machine has still been running a long way every month. And because my children love the idea of flying on their own around the world, I needed to help them build their wings.

Wings Pari-Bourke

wings Paris-Bourke

Materials: Felt, fabric, ribbon, sewing material, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience!


When it’s too hot to go outside and to early to go to the beach why not try to lost the children in a labyrinthe made with Kapla or Pencils ? Who knows, you may have some time for yourself while they are stuck…;-)¬†Labyrinth

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