When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Challenge a friend Cards by Paris Bourke

Bonsoir, bonjour, good morning, good evening, hi!

I’m happy to present you my last side project that was on my to do list for a long time, I’ve finally finished the first 6 illustrations that will make you engage even more with each other.

Here are the Challenge a Friend Cards!

Those cards are an invitation to share an activity with someone that involves your community, your creativity and even your fitness!

A little challenge in our busy lives.

Do you want to invite your aunt, your grandchild, your brother or your best friend to play together?

Well those cards are here to make it fun and real. So let your imagination go wild and let me know about the other challenges you would like to see for the next set of cards. I will upload more photos on Instagram and Facebook, please share and comment to have your idea(s) illustrated!

Head up to the shop  to see all the illustrations and to start challenging someone and have a wonderful time with them!


The Map Game France is now ready!

Look at this blue! The Map Game France is now in the online shop and we are ready to accept Wholesalers too! Thank you to all the people that already ordered it, offered it and are already playing with it, your lovely feedbacks are so heart warming!

The Map Game France -bleu

By the way: The new packaging is stunning and hand screen-printed in our studio:

The Map Game France

A little sneak peek inside The Map Game -France-:

Made in Melbourne

Made in Melbourne

Le Jeu de l’Australie, The Map Game -Australia-

That’s it, the game is in the shop! We made a little video with the children to show you what we have been working on:

A force d’y travailler le voici enfin dans la boutique!Nous avons fait une petite video, avec les enfants,  pour vous le présenter:

The Map Game Australia.

So, do you think the children still have a french accent?

Alors, les enfants ont-ils toujours un petit accent français?

-From Children to Mother and Grandmother, with Love! –

Voici de quoi occuper les petites mains de vos enfants qui seront tellement fière d’offrir un collier de perles de laine entièrement fabriqué par eux. Avec un petit bout de laine non tissée que l’on trempe dans de l’eau savonneuse, il suffit de la faire tourner dans ses mains pour former une boule de laine compacte et la faire sécher. Avec une aiguille et du fil à broder, percer les perles de laine pour former le collier voulu. Amusez-vous bien!

The Children would be delighted to make a pretty necklace like this one, they just need to dip a little bit of wool into soapywater and turn it in their hands to form a nice bead of wool. Let it dry and then you just need to use an embrodery needle and some thread to pearce the beads and make the necklace. Enjoy!


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