– La cabane amovible – The renter’s cubby house –

We had a few plank of timber in the shed sitting there waiting to be used. So we used the drill, the saw and sanded them to make material for a very special cubby house. You can built it in different shapes and pack it away for easy storage. If you want to make one, don’t use any timber (as us…) the better the material, the better looking and the more solid it will be. But don’t forget it has to be light for the children to build it themselves.

Avec des planches de pin qui traînaient dans le garage, nous avons scié, percé et poncé pour fabriquer une cabane amovible. Bon si vous souhaitez en faire une, utilisez un bois de qualité (pas comme nous…) mais n’oubliez pas d’en prendre un léger pour que les enfants construisent leur cabane eux-mêmes.
Hand Drilling Hand Drilling Hand Drilling

plank 2


Work in progress:

cabane amovible

Building time:

cabane amovible

cabane amovible cabane amovible runPlay time! Have a good day and a Very Good New Year!

Bonne Année 2015!

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    1. Ooh! And CONGRATULATIONS on the Honourable Mention at the BSArt Gallery 40×40 exhibition!!! 🙂 Wonderful work! 🙂

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