Harry Potter -Mini Playing Kit-

We do have a few Harry Potter fans here, and spells are flying from every corner of the house. (Shame it doesn’t work though, I will do with a few Quietus! Repairo! or a good Accio! spell to find a lost sock ūüėČ

After reading all the books, we made a little potions kit and my son carved a wand in a Gumtree branch:

Harry potter Kit harry Potter playing kit harry potter wand DIY

Now the children have hours of pretend play ahead!

Little terrarium for little hands

The latest project for those rainy and cold winter days: build a terrarium! Before assembling it, we went to the beach to collect tiny seashells, to the river to collect peebles, a few acorns from the park and some red sand from our hourglass collection. Next time we are heading to the forest, we will collect a bit of moss. Meanwhile, here is the beginning of our tiny garden for fairies, blue wren and ladybug :

terrarium pour enfants

seashell in terrarium

fairy terrarium

blue wren terrarium


Easter Colours



Wishing You a very Happy Easter!

Joyeuses¬†P√Ęques √† tous!Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves Black &WhiteLeave Kangaroo punch

Circus Party -Part 3-

For this last part of the Circus party posts, let’s play with some good old games:

“Le Chamboultou” (with some pompoms and goggle eyes):

chamboule tout

The spy cage:

spy cage

The photo booth (clowning around highly encouraged):

Photo booth


The Rings of Fire:

Rings of fire

Spinning some crayons on a potter’s wheel: (that was the¬†biggest hit among the little guests!)

Color Spinning

And the Grand Final: Skate Boarding to go thought a bridge of cardboard boxes!…that was really fun!

circus skateAnd here is the very tired dad-clown at the end:


(Note to self: 1/-take a picture of the cake before eating it. 2/-packing away is the easy part – do not complain for messy rooms anymore.)

Enjoy your day, and thanks to Pinterest for a few ideas!

Circus Party -Part2-

Let’s play with a bit of decorations for the party:

Ballons de couleurs

Sign Circus WarningClown cut out

Circus party

Animal Cirus deco

And next week, the lawn games will make the show!

Circus Party -Part1-

You remember that Pirate Party where the children had to catch a real hen to find the tresor?

Well now it is my daughter’s birthday and the theme is going to be fun:

Let’s the greatest show on earth begin!

After spending a bit of time on Pinterest we found cute animal jars to make. After painting the lids and the little plastic animals with acrylic , we just super-glued them together to have those beautiful Mason Jars!

Animal Mason Jars WhiteMason Jars

Mason Jar

 We will use them as Lollybags for the guests.

Mason Jars




-Covering Boxes with fabric-

An easy project to re-use our boxes from our farmer: We just wrapped the lid with fabric just like you would do to cover a book or a gift:

Next time we will try with some paint or wallpaper.

Aussie Farmer boxes





-Puzzle Magnet-

Un petit project facile √† faire avec les enfants: mettre des aimants derriere des puzzles,¬†des cartes ou des lettres en bois. (il faut juste trouver des feuilles d’aimant souples et adh√©sives)

An easy project to do with the children: glue magnets behind puzzles or wooden letters.

Magnet making

Wooden Magnet




De quoi d√©corer (ou cacher) le r√©frig√©rateur…

Good to decorate (or hide) the fridge…;-)

-Wool & Snakes-

Recently we have extended our family of snakes, they are very colourful but not scary. You don’t have to feed them, but they are really ending up everywhere in the house…

We used the same method as the necklaces in this post; here.

Notre famille de serpent s’est agrandie, elle est color√©e et ne fait m√™me pas peur. Nous n’avons pas besoin de les nourrir mais ils finissent quand m√™me un peu partout dans la maison…

Nous avons utilisé la même méthode que les colliers de laine; ici.

wool snakes



Bonne semaine !

Have a good week !

Easter Eggs

Happy Easter for all!

Joyeuse P√Ęques!


For those eggs, we used only natural colours: Onion Skins for Red, Red Cabbage for Blue and Blueberries for Grey. (left in water and vinegar for 3 hours)

-Busy Summer-

This summer, we spent most of our time on the beach!

We have done a fair bit of gardening, and are now amazed by the amount of vegetables and fruits we are harvesting!

Painting was a favorite too!

and we made 2 crowns out of felt:

We played with peebles on rainy days:

We spent a lot of time climbing our Jacaranda

Have a good day!

-From Children to Mother and Grandmother, with Love! –

Voici de quoi occuper les petites mains de vos enfants qui seront tellement fi√®re d’offrir un collier de perles de laine enti√®rement fabriqu√© par eux. Avec un petit bout de laine non tiss√©e que l’on trempe dans de l’eau savonneuse, il suffit de la faire tourner dans ses mains pour former une boule de laine compacte et la faire s√©cher. Avec une aiguille et du fil √† broder, percer les perles de laine pour former le collier voulu. Amusez-vous bien!

The Children would be delighted to make a pretty necklace like this one, they just need to dip a little bit of wool into soapywater and turn it in their hands to form a nice bead of wool. Let it dry and then you just need to use an embrodery needle and some thread to pearce the beads and make the necklace. Enjoy!


-The Little Toys Garden-

After 2 months where the life was too busy to post something on the blog, I am back with a new home, new town, new garden and new projects!

And because the children love to play with big and tiny rocks, we just made a little toys garden:

Apr√®s 2 mois d’absence, me revoil√†, dans une nouvelle maison, un nouveau village, un nouveau jardin et des nouveaux projets!

Et parce que les enfants adorent jouer avec des petits et grand cailloux, nous avons fait un petit jardin de jouets:


Pirate Party Part 3 -Cake and Treasure Hunt-

Heureusement que nous étions deux familles pour organiser une fête comme celle ci. La préparation de la chasse aux trésors nous a bien amusé: les chérubins ont du attraper des poules, courir, chercher, creuser, tirer, affronter un papa-molosse et une mer de requins, se faire un feu, chanter et enfin trouver le trésor pleins de pierres précieuses!

Fortunately we were two families to organize a party like this one. The preparation of the treasure hunt was really fun: the children were of catching chickens, running, searching, digging, pulling, face an angry-dad and a sea full of sharks, starting a fire, singing and finally finding the treasure full of gems!

Papier vieilli dans du thé et brulé sur les bords. Paper aged in tea and burned all around.

Qui veut du g√Ęteau-galion maintenant? ¬† Let’s enjoy a piece of cake now!

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