Circus Party -Part 3-

For this last part of the Circus party posts, let’s play with some good old games:

“Le Chamboultou” (with some pompoms and goggle eyes):

chamboule tout

The spy cage:

spy cage

The photo booth (clowning around highly encouraged):

Photo booth


The Rings of Fire:

Rings of fire

Spinning some crayons on a potter’s wheel: (that was the biggest hit among the little guests!)

Color Spinning

And the Grand Final: Skate Boarding to go thought a bridge of cardboard boxes!…that was really fun!

circus skateAnd here is the very tired dad-clown at the end:


(Note to self: 1/-take a picture of the cake before eating it. 2/-packing away is the easy part – do not complain for messy rooms anymore.)

Enjoy your day, and thanks to Pinterest for a few ideas!

Circus Party -Part2-

Let’s play with a bit of decorations for the party:

Ballons de couleurs

Sign Circus WarningClown cut out

Circus party

Animal Cirus deco

And next week, the lawn games will make the show!

Pirate Party Part 3 -Cake and Treasure Hunt-

Heureusement que nous étions deux familles pour organiser une fête comme celle ci. La préparation de la chasse aux trésors nous a bien amusé: les chérubins ont du attraper des poules, courir, chercher, creuser, tirer, affronter un papa-molosse et une mer de requins, se faire un feu, chanter et enfin trouver le trésor pleins de pierres précieuses!

Fortunately we were two families to organize a party like this one. The preparation of the treasure hunt was really fun: the children were of catching chickens, running, searching, digging, pulling, face an angry-dad and a sea full of sharks, starting a fire, singing and finally finding the treasure full of gems!

Papier vieilli dans du thé et brulé sur les bords. Paper aged in tea and burned all around.

Qui veut du gâteau-galion maintenant?   Let’s enjoy a piece of cake now!

Pirate Party Part 2 -Decoration-

Pas de pirates sans navire…ou radeau (un peu plus facile à construire! ) A l’abordage!

No pirates without a ship…or a raft (easier to build!)

Un peu de décoration pour se mettre dans l’ambiance, même la photo tangue..

.A bit of decoration to make it more realistic, even the photo is pitching…

Et ne pas oublier les munitions (mini pétards).

Let’s not forget the munitions.

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