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playing pieces The Map Game Australia

Why the name Paris-Bourke?

Paris-Bourke was born in the Australian Outback; these two names are the cities where my children were born, 2 worlds which are opposed geographically as much as culturally.

Why the Map Game?

After a few years living in the outback, in an isolated environment, I realised that playing with someone creates long lasting connections with that person. The idea of The Map Game Australia was born. It will make the players ‘travel’ around the country following landmarks, cities and regions and share memories.

The Map Game -Australia- is a board game screen-printed on 100% cotton fabric, for easy transport and solidity.
The playing pieces are made of timber and stamped with iconic Australian Animals.

As a tribute to my home country, I designed another game about France.

To insure you will play with an original and unique game, everything is ethically made in Melbourne.
A gift about Australia and made in Australia.

Would you like to travel the easy way?

Why the Art ?

This body of work is the expression of the power of enthousiasm in children playing in the harmony of nature. The compositions capture behaviors and emotions, souvenirs and feelings.
Those paintings immerse the viewer’s eyes into kindness and you can feel the duality of a fragile, brief childhood and the force of play and eagerness.

Play; spontaneous, free-spirited, structured, planned, personal or engaging, is essential in every step of our life.

I paint to celebrate childhood. I play with composition and colours, lines and mouvements. It became absolutely essential for me to paint all those memories, to share the joy and the powerful enthusiasm of children. Let that eagerness for life seize you in the most precious moments of your life!

Why the Blog?

On the Blog, you will discover hand-made creations, tutorials of DIY with or for Children.
Paris-Bourke wants to inspire you, to give you the envy to create and connect with your children by playing.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your visit.

Designed to Play, Play to Connect-