Visual Mythology – Mythologie visuelle

Mythological Hybrids by Alice NL

At the moment, my children are interested in Greek Mythology, especially the monsters and hybrids. Having trouble to find a simple and visual summary for them, I’ve started to draw those creatures for them. At the moment I have 18 creatures on 2 printable documents and if you want, I can send you the documents for free. Just send me your email address via the contact form (…until I figure out how to make a downloadable document on this post).

En ce moment, les enfants ses passionnent pour la mythologie grecque, surtout pour les différents monstres et hybrides. Ne trouvant pas de references visuelles pour eux, j’ai commencé à dessiner ces créatures. Pour le moment, j’ai en 18 sur 2 documents imprimables et si vous le souhaitez, je peux vous envoyer les documents gratuitement. Envoyer moi votre adresse mail en passant par le formulaire de contact du site. (…En attendant que je puisse trouver un moyen de le rendre directement téléchargeable sur cet article)

Visual Mythology by Alice N Legendre

Edit: Here are the downloadable documents, (-Copyrights 2016- for private use only-)

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Mythological Hydrids part 1

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Mythological Hybrids part 2

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Challenge a friend Cards by Paris Bourke

Bonsoir, bonjour, good morning, good evening, hi!

I’m happy to present you my last side project that was on my to do list for a long time, I’ve finally finished the first 6 illustrations that will make you engage even more with each other.

Here are the Challenge a Friend Cards!

Those cards are an invitation to share an activity with someone that involves your community, your creativity and even your fitness!

A little challenge in our busy lives.

Do you want to invite your aunt, your grandchild, your brother or your best friend to play together?

Well those cards are here to make it fun and real. So let your imagination go wild and let me know about the other challenges you would like to see for the next set of cards. I will upload more photos on Instagram and Facebook, please share and comment to have your idea(s) illustrated!

Head up to the shop  to see all the illustrations and to start challenging someone and have a wonderful time with them!


Charcoal on wood

black cockatoo charcoal After dreaming about birds (maybe because they were so noisy at night…) I took the little challenge to draw a large Australian Cockatoo (120cm by 160cm) on a piece of plywood.

I will use it for my next market backdrop, so for all the Melburnians, look for the big bird at the Arts Centre next Sunday and please come to say hello!

black cockatoo charcoal 2

Le Jeu de l’Australie, The Map Game -Australia-

That’s it, the game is in the shop! We made a little video with the children to show you what we have been working on:

A force d’y travailler le voici enfin dans la boutique!Nous avons fait une petite video, avec les enfants,  pour vous le présenter:

The Map Game Australia.

So, do you think the children still have a french accent?

Alors, les enfants ont-ils toujours un petit accent français?

-Round and Little-



 This weekend, I let the children use some wooden discs from the Australian Map Game. I just asked them what was Australia for them and they started drawing kangourous, camper vans,the sun, a hotdog, the beach, the sea, the opera house, a tent, some red earth and my favourite: a rhino on a skateboard! We even let the friends join in!

Only the people from Melbourne will understand.;-) (The Rhino on the skateboard campaign was created to encourage pedestrians to stay alert around trams.)

Ce weekend, j’ai laissé mes enfants jouer avec les disque de bois du jeu d’Australie. Je leur ai demandé ce que l’Australie était pour eux et ils ont commencé à dessiner des kangouroux, des camping cars, le soleil, la plage, la mer, l’opéra de Sydney, une tente, la terre rouge et mon préféré: un rhinocéros sur un Skateboard!

Seulement les Melbourniens comprendront. Il s’agit d’une affiche créée pour encourager les piétons à rester prudent autour des trams.



Bonne journée!



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