The Finders Keepers in Melbourne

The Finders Keepers


Next July, The Map Game will have the honour to be part of the iconic Finders Keepers in Melbourne.

It’s a very exciting experience to be part of the festival of makers and designers from around Australia!

So I’ve started to work on a display for the Games and an automaton for the visitors. Tinkering with old mechanisms, crank handle, wood, rocks and wire, I’m surfing through the days with joy. (Well, and stress too!)

I will post more about my progress and ‘behind the scene’ pictures on Instagram in the next few weeks. Please come along!

paris-bourke Kinetic sculpture Alice N Legendre

Presentation Finders Keepers Melbourne


The Map Game Paris-Bourke Finders Keepers




-Three, the magic number -Trois, le chiffre magique-

January: my favorite month (in Australia…because, let’s face it, in France, at that time of the year, it is cold and miserable…)Soooo the middle of summer, the new year and the no-schedules weeks are always a time I cherish to re-organise our home and work space.

For the organisation of the everyday life, I already use the very efficient -Three Things- rule : every night, write down 3 things you can do the next day for:

– your business,

– your home,

– your children,

– your hobby,

etc. and be realistic about timing! This helps me getting through the day knowing that I have accomplished some things, rather than seeing the  same never-ending to-do list and feeling like I never get anything done.

Choose only 3 things in each category and it will work!

3 cartes

-The Map Game-

This week, I’ve decided to join the Creative Woman Circle with the Resolution project to organise my year better.

Now is time to start navigating through this new year!



Charcoal on wood

black cockatoo charcoal After dreaming about birds (maybe because they were so noisy at night…) I took the little challenge to draw a large Australian Cockatoo (120cm by 160cm) on a piece of plywood.

I will use it for my next market backdrop, so for all the Melburnians, look for the big bird at the Arts Centre next Sunday and please come to say hello!

black cockatoo charcoal 2

Easter Colours



Wishing You a very Happy Easter!

Joyeuses Pâques à tous!Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves Black &WhiteLeave Kangaroo punch

Le Jeu de l’Australie, The Map Game -Australia-

That’s it, the game is in the shop! We made a little video with the children to show you what we have been working on:

A force d’y travailler le voici enfin dans la boutique!Nous avons fait une petite video, avec les enfants,  pour vous le présenter:

The Map Game Australia.

So, do you think the children still have a french accent?

Alors, les enfants ont-ils toujours un petit accent français?

-Round and Little-



 This weekend, I let the children use some wooden discs from the Australian Map Game. I just asked them what was Australia for them and they started drawing kangourous, camper vans,the sun, a hotdog, the beach, the sea, the opera house, a tent, some red earth and my favourite: a rhino on a skateboard! We even let the friends join in!

Only the people from Melbourne will understand.;-) (The Rhino on the skateboard campaign was created to encourage pedestrians to stay alert around trams.)

Ce weekend, j’ai laissé mes enfants jouer avec les disque de bois du jeu d’Australie. Je leur ai demandé ce que l’Australie était pour eux et ils ont commencé à dessiner des kangouroux, des camping cars, le soleil, la plage, la mer, l’opéra de Sydney, une tente, la terre rouge et mon préféré: un rhinocéros sur un Skateboard!

Seulement les Melbourniens comprendront. Il s’agit d’une affiche créée pour encourager les piétons à rester prudent autour des trams.



Bonne journée!




Moving twice in less than a year makes you want to dig roots somewhere and stay there. After regional Australia, we are discovering one city; Melbourne, and we are loving it.Image Melbourne

-Australia: country of contrasts-

Un pays rouge et un pays vert – A red country and a green country.

Un pays plat et un pays montagneux-A flat country and an hilly country.

Un pays de déserts et un pays de plages  – A country full of deserts and full of beaches.

Un pays de jungles et un pays de jardins- A wild country and a country with beautiful gardens.

-Potager-Vegie Patch-

Le potager c’est le cœur du jardin! Voilà les étapes du projet avec un résultat vraiment réjouissant: (Petit exemple: 1 pied de concombre planté=43 concombres  récoltés !)

The Vegie Patch it is the heart of the garden! We are really happy with this project!
( Small example: 1 plant of cucumber =43 harvested cucumbers!)

Fabrication des lits-Building the Beds

Planter des concombres, du céleri, des oignons, des courgettes, des tournesols, des tomates, du mais, des haricots, des pois, de la rhubarbe, des poivrons, de la roquette, des fraises et plein d’herbes aromatiques.

Planting cucumbers, zuchinis, tomatoes, corns, beans, sunflowers, peas, rhubarbe, capsicums, strawberries, rocket, and more!


L’automne est là, je file planter les patates et les betteraves.

Autumn is here, let’s plant some potatoes and beetroot.

Couleurs d’Australie

Chez Soprat, on voit de jolies photos de la campagne française, elle m’a tendue une perche, alors je voulais savoir:

Quelques photos d’Australie, cela vous tente?

Si oui, voici une premiere ballade, un petit tour dans l’Outback, près de notre ancien chez nous:

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