-With them or not with them ?-

The other day, a lady at the park was complaining about the holidays and how she found it difficult to entertain her children, asking about ideas. Well, you know, I might have one or two activities for you, but the best for us is to do the thing that we want and let the children join in, and yes, it will get messy. But even with the cleaning, they will help! Yes, it will take you about 2 hours to make that tart, but you wanted to keep them busy no? 😉

Mes chères lectrices francophones, voulez-vous que je continue à traduire en français ?

Les mains dans la farineLa confiture de fraisesLes mains dans la vaisselle

But last night, while the children were asleep, I made a cake…alone…. just by myself…without helpers around….without questions to answer…just with my music, calm and absolutely no flour or sugar on the floor! Oh that was so fast! Dear Sanity, I love you!


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