Can You Guess?

Hello there!

I have one photo to show you. The playing pieces of the Map Game, but there are no kangaroos or cockatoos on those. Look closely and tell me if you can guess what this means?

The Map Game Playing Pieces

This is a very exciting news and more photos will come next month!

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Harry Potter -Mini Playing Kit-

We do have a few Harry Potter fans here, and spells are flying from every corner of the house. (Shame it doesn’t work though, I will do with a few Quietus! Repairo! or a good Accio! spell to find a lost sock 😉

After reading all the books, we made a little potions kit and my son carved a wand in a Gumtree branch:

Harry potter Kit harry Potter playing kit harry potter wand DIY

Now the children have hours of pretend play ahead!

You’ve got Mail…

Lorsque les chérubins décident de jouer au facteur, ma réserve d’enveloppes se volatilise en un rien de temps…il vaut mieux trouver une solution rapidement: des enveloppes toutes douces en feutrines et tissus !
Et tant qu’à faire, autant leur construire une boite aux lettres pour aller avec:

When the childrens decide to play the postman, all my envelopes disappear in no time, it is better to find a solution quickly: Felt envelopes!
And let’s build a letterbox to go with:

Les pages d’un vieux dictionnaire feront l’affaire pour les lettres…

An old dictionnary become very handy for the letters…

The Pattern -Le patron:

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