The Map Game France is now ready!

Look at this blue! The Map Game France is now in the online shop and we are ready to accept Wholesalers too! Thank you to all the people that already ordered it, offered it and are already playing with it, your lovely feedbacks are so heart warming!

The Map Game France -bleu

By the way: The new packaging is stunning and hand screen-printed in our studio:

The Map Game France

A little sneak peek inside The Map Game -France-:

Made in Melbourne

Made in Melbourne

2 responses

  1. Recently, and very unexpectedly, we received the Map Game France as a gift. It is beautifully designed and manufactured, and the packaging is indeed stunning. What a wonderful gift! The carry bag makes it easy for a child to take the game to kindy or school to play with friends during recess and to discover many interesting places in France, including revisiting those places as the dice may fall and redirect the player. Thank you Paris Bourke! 🙂

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