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Challenge a friend Cards by Paris Bourke

Bonsoir, bonjour, good morning, good evening, hi!

I’m happy to present you my last side project that was on my to do list for a long time, I’ve finally finished the first 6 illustrations that will make you engage even more with each other.

Here are the Challenge a Friend Cards!

Those cards are an invitation to share an activity with someone that involves your community, your creativity and even your fitness!

A little challenge in our busy lives.

Do you want to invite your aunt, your grandchild, your brother or your best friend to play together?

Well those cards are here to make it fun and real. So let your imagination go wild and let me know about the other challenges you would like to see for the next set of cards. I will upload more photos on Instagram and Facebook, please share and comment to have your idea(s) illustrated!

Head up to the shop  to see all the illustrations and to start challenging someone and have a wonderful time with them!


-Play Mat Bag-

Pouvoir jouer avec des Lego, des Playmobiles, des Kapla, sans avoir à ramasser des dizaines de petits trucs un peu partout, dans chaque recoin et dessous de meuble inaccessible,c’est quand même des vacances!

Voilà donc un tapis-sac de jeux qui va vous simplifier la vie: (140cm*140cm de tissu, 16oeillets, 6m de corde de coton.)

Be able to play with Lego, Playmobiles, kapla, without having to collect tens of small things almost everywhere, it is easy!
To make a Play Mat Bag : (140cm*140cm of fabric, 16 eyelet, 6m of cotton rope.)

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