The Map Game -Australia-

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Australia, from the red Earth of the outback to the white sand of the beach, from the kangaroos to the crocodiles, from Melbourne to Cairns, everyone will agree; what an amazing country!

With this game, you will enjoy, discover and laugh while travelling around the country following landmarks, cities and regions, finding gold or getting bogged in the desert.

The playing pieces are handprinted on wood with 6 iconic australian animals.

This game has been screen-printed on natural fabric using water based ink.

This game is light and solid, and will be passed for generations.

Size: 60x70cm -Not suitable for children under 3-

How to Play:

The players have to reach Tasmania, taking turns at rolling the dice and following the arrows from place to place, moving forwards or backwards depending on where they land.

To add a bit of cooperation in this race, they can even ask for help from another player when they get bogged in the desert!

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