Charcoal on wood

black cockatoo charcoal After dreaming about birds (maybe because they were so noisy at night…) I took the little challenge to draw a large Australian Cockatoo (120cm by 160cm) on a piece of plywood.

I will use it for my next market backdrop, so for all the Melburnians, look for the big bird at the Arts Centre next Sunday and please come to say hello!

black cockatoo charcoal 2

4 thoughts on “Charcoal on wood

  1. This is gorgeous! Love the the way you placed the cockatoo between the top and bottom knots in the ply wood. The knots at the top make it look like pulled up drapes on a stage. And what a great character this cockatoo is! Hope there will be plenty of curious visitors saying ‘hello’! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Cecilia! The market was really nice, but could have been better without the hail-windy-rainy wheather.;-) Will do it again on Mother’s Day!

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